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some would call us picky
to be sure we are carrying products we believe in,
each item has to pass a 3 point test before they are added to our online farmer's market.

and we are totally OK with that!

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we believe that the highest quality products are not made on a conveyor belt, but by hand.


  everything in our market is handcrafted by a small business in the U.S. 

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real ingredients

no gums,


or dyes...

we only carry products made with all real ingredients, you know and can pronounce.   

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we limit unnecessary plastic and try and keep things as minimally as possible.


we review all products to ensure they are made and packaged s sustainably as possible.

the shops
We at NW BULK MARKET promote the makers, our fellow hustlers working hard to achieve their dreams; who despite being "the little guy" never sacrifice quality.  From side hustle to full time, our GOAL as a small business ourselves is to provide an avenue for these dedicated creators to showcase their amazing handmade products.
just know that each and every click, read, share, etc not only supports but promotes small businesses all over the United States. 
we couldn't be more thankful for you being here.  we appreciate you.

nice to meet you

Hi, I am Nicole Cappetta, the founder and owner of NW Bulk Market.  Some of the internet knows me as @lettuceturniptheeats - the sassy mama of two behind the wellness / lifestyle blog,  who shares healthy recipes, and clean products I have been loving, on my Instagram.

my philosophy for eating healthy is to keep things easy and affordable.  No fancy wellness buzzwords or trendy "plans", it all about the ingredients.  

it was all a dream...

I have always kind of had a "thing" for grocery stores.

One of my favorite things to do is to check out local markets and look for new wellness products I haven't seen before. (I know, I know I am SO cool)...but what I don't have a "thing" for is spending tons of time scouring ingredients lists only to find a bunch of "fake" healthy food, hiding behind trendy wellness buzzwords.  

so I set out to start a different kind of market.

I wanted to create a space with two goals in mind: to only carry products made with real ingredients and to showcase the real people creating them.

and that's when NW Bulk Market was born.

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have something to say? we want to here from you! 

We will get back to you soon!

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