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We seek out small businesses across the U.S. that make food, beauty and household products with only REAL ingredients 

We acquire and review each product's ingredient list and packaging to ensure it meets the standards of

NW Bulk Market. 

If approved, the small business is set up

with their OWN SHOP

in our online farmer's market to sell direct to YOU!


you are talking about us...
and we like it!


Loved everything I got from NW bulk market! I’ve never tried bee pollen before and I’m in love! I can’t really find it where I’m from!


to remain small and humble,

to never choose cost over quality,

to always and only sell products we believe in,

to be conscious of our planet and make decisions in it's benefit.  

we promise to support and promote our fellow creators, entrepreneurs, and independent owners who make

goods with their hands and their hearts. 


the "little guys"
who, despite being small,

do not compromise quality for cost.

we promise to do the work to make sure you can trust the products we showcase in our market.  we know where all of our products come from,

because we either grow it,

make it or we went out

and found it.   

pinky swear

nice to meet you

Hi, I am Nicole Cappetta, the founder and owner of NW Bulk Market.  Some of the internet knows me as @lettuceturniptheeats

-- the sassy mama of two behind the wellness / lifestyle blog,  who shares healthy recipes, and clean products I have been loving, on my Instagram.

when it comes to health & wellness - my philosophy is to

keep things simple and affordable.  I like to do my research to save on everyday items  so I can splurge on the trendier wellness products.

it was all a dream

I have always kind of had a "thing" for grocery stores. One of my favorite things to do is to check out local markets and look for new wellness products I haven't seen before. (I know, I know I am SO cool)

...but what I don't have a "thing" for is spending tons of time scouring ingredients lists only to find a bunch of "fake" healthy food, hiding behind trendy wellness buzzwords.  

so I set out to start a different kind of market.

I wanted to create a space with two goals in mind: to only carry products made with real ingredients and to showcase the real people creating them.


and that is when NW Bulk Market was born.  


WE WANT TO HEAR YOU!  Fill out the form below and we wil get back with you ASAP!


  Whether it's questions about a product, updates on an order. or just want to say hi.  We want to hear from you!

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