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the "elusive" GLUTEN - -

perhaps an evil chemical the government

puts in our food, or some secret ingredient that magically makes things delicious...

it's been a couple years since the concept of being gluten free became main stream, and gluten free foods became more accessible. These days, everything from oranges to dish-washing liquid has a gluten free label on it; but most of us still have no idea what gluten even is, and if or why we should be avoiding it.

Gluten is a generic name for the two different types of proteins that exist in some grains, especially wheat.  

When water is mixed with these grains, it creates a sticky or glue like texture which is what makes bread fluffy and chewy.  

For individuals with a gluten intolerance or celiacs disease, the body sees the gluten as harmful, instead of as energy, and that is when negative symptoms can occur.

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