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Hari Om Hemp was founded on the belief in alternative and holistic therapies, we strive to educate on the benefits of CBD.  At Hari Om Hemp our goal is to promote better overall health and wellness as a whole, mind, body and spirit using an all natural and holistic approach.  We want to help people on their journey to health and wellness as a whole.

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CBD does not get you high - - CBD is non psychoactive.


CBD influences your body to use it's natural endocannabinoids more effectively. 


Depending on the type of CBD, it can be used both orally and topically to aid

with certain ailments.  


Many people use CBD to treat pain: Arthritis, muscle soreness, and even menstrual cramps. 


CBD has also been known to be effective helping with anxiety.


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Owner  Leigh Zarda Carr and Dustin Carr
Location Kansas City, MO

Why did you start your business?


Hari Om Hemp started in the heartland of the midwest in the great city of Kansas City.   Hari Om Hemp began as an idea from husband and wife Dustin and Leigh Carr when they both noticed the many benefits that Leigh saw from CBD herself. Leigh, who holds a bachelor’s in Science of Nursing was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Bound to the drive through pharmacy line for refill after refill for little to no relief was not the life Leigh wanted to live anymore.  That is when she started to do research on alternative and holistic therapies. All her research led her to CBD. Leigh has suffered from numerous different ailments ranging from mental health, addiction, and chronic pain all of which can benefit from CBD.

It was not till Dustin and Leigh’s son was diagnosed with special needs that they really found the need to start their own CBD company when they could not find one that was open and honest as they would like.  After months of research and product testing Dustin and Leigh found a farm to partner with directly to source their CBD from. Sourcing directly from this Farm allows us to have seed to sale transparency. We strive to be open, honest, and transparent to allow peace of mind when choosing a CBD company for your alternative therapy needs.

Do you have any goals or plans for you business in the next 5 years?

We are working on a few new products along with a fresh new look for all our existing products as well.  

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