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plain 'ola

Grain-free granola sweetened with the perfect amount of maple syrup. It is gluten-free, paleo friendly and vegan. But mainly, it’s just plain delicious! You have to try it to understand why many people say this is the best granola they’ve ever had.

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Owner  Chris & Hannah Zwakenberg
Location Fort Collins, CO

Why did you start your business?


We (Hannah & Chris) started Just Plain ‘Ola in the summer of 2017. Hannah has been a family & consumer science teacher for years and has always had a knack for developing tasty recipes. When we realized many of our friends & family had unique dietary needs - especially grain & gluten-free, Hannah went to work to perfect this granola recipe. In the early days, we were trying to describe this homemade snack to a friend and said "it's like granola... but with no 'gran'... so it's just plain 'ola?" It gave us a chuckle but also sparked something in our minds. Not only was it the perfect name for our new product, but it also honored a very special lady... Hannah's grandmother, who happened to be named Ola. She was the kind of lady who never stopped exploring & was able to find beauty & adventure wherever she looked. We want to honor her by bringing that same spirit to our products & to the world. We love it & we hope you do too!

Do you have any goals or plans for you business in the next 5 years?

We would love to become a regional or national brand, but stay true to our local, farmers’ market roots. We would love to develop other products like other granola flavors, bars, nut butters, etc. We have aspirations of making a positive impact on the community, in addition to providing them with delicious grain-free granola!

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