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Nicole's Story


Our Journey




Vancouver, WA (August 15, 2019) - NW Bulk Market, an online farmer’s market that showcases clean, handcrafted food and wellness products, announced today that they reached the 100-product milestone after two successful months of business. The market officially launched in June 2019.


NW Bulk Market was launched by Vancouver resident Nicole Cappetta. The market itself sells wholesale, bulk, healthy foods and ingredients such as collagen peptides, pumpkin seeds, adaptogens, and more. The market is also a platform for small food and wellness brands to increase their reach and visibility, and have access to helpful resources. The market is also a platform for small food and wellness brands to increase their reach and visibility without the excessive costs of retailing in-store. 


Cappetta formed the market by combining her passion for both food and wellness. Her professional background includes many years of retail logistics and operations, and amassing a following of over 15,000 on her food blog, @lettuceturniptheeats. Her professional experience in retail, and personal blogging experience has allowed her to see the wellness industry from both perspectives, and identify its opportunity gaps.


“My philosophy for wellness is that it should be simple and affordable. Honestly, I see the industry as it is as neither of those things. It’s neither simple nor affordable for both consumers and businesses,” says Cappetta. “At NW Bulk Market, we make wellness products more accessible by being an affordable market where consumers can find wellness brands they may not have heard about before. We aim to lessen the barriers to entry for new and hard-working wellness brands to get their products in the hands of their ideal customers.”



About NW Bulk Market

NW Bulk Market is changing the way small businesses access the retail space. They are an online farmer’s market that showcases clean, handcrafted food and wellness products and the real people behind them. In a world of mystifying wellness buzzwords and trends, the market makes shopping for food and wellness items simple and affordable by carrying products with only real ingredients at a reasonable price.

Nicole's Story


My whole life it seemed that in order to be considered “healthy”, you had to look a certain way - and it feels like I have spent most of my life being very aware that I did not naturally fit that look AND trying very hard to get there.  I watched every woman in my life constantly diet in order to be "healthier" but the goal was never to feel better.  Their efforts to "get into shape" were just that: to wear smaller clothes, have a smaller stomach/legs/butt; to be a smaller shape.  


When I started my healthy eating blog @lettuceturniptheeats,I wouldn’t show myself at all, just the food. I didn’t want to deal with the backlash or internet side eyes about how someone who looked like me could be sharing healthy meals. The juxtaposition between the way I choose to eat and my body type made me always second guess that I had any right to a voice in the wellness space. 

...but after two years of growing my blog, what started out as just as a way to share food I love to make,

became so much more. 

I discovered a community of people just like me - who felt removed from the wellness world because they didn't feel like they fit "the mold" but still made conscious decisions. A community that is frustrated at following this ever changing rule book that continuously tells us that if we blindly follow we will end up photo-shopped and filtered in real life. According to "them", our happiness, relationships and future depend on it; 

but that's just not the case.


So here I am, 30 years old and for the first time in 20ish years, I am choosing the food I want to eat in order to FEEL GOOD - - and I am trying to create a space that ultimately makes it EASIER for people to do the same.  


Our Journey

I have always kind of had a thing for grocery stores. One of my favorite things to do is to check out local markets and look for new wellness products I haven't seen before. (I know, I know I am SO cool)

...but what I don't have a thing for is spending tons of time scouring ingredients lists only to find a bunch of "fake" healthy food, hiding behind trendy wellness buzzwords.  

so I set out to start a different kind of market.

I wanted to create a space with two goals in mind:


1. only carry products made with real ingredients, no exceptions.

2. showcase the real hardworking, dedicated people creating them.


and that is when NW Bulk Market was born.  

We are more than just an online market, we are a space where both makers and creators can promote the products or content they work so hard to create.  A virtual community of people committed to FEELING healthy and making this whole wellness thing something that is actually attainable for everyone. 

We are just getting started but we have some BIG goals for the future. We want to continue growing our community of SHOPS but we know that if we really want to make wellness inclusive it has to become more affordable and how we do that - is by truly supporting our small businesses and assisting in lowering sourcing costs in hopes that they can make their product more affordable. 



Please feel free to send any additional questions, requests to

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