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nikki vergakes

Hello there! I’m Nikki Vergakes, a blogger, podcaster and social media management freelancer and the owner of Cultivated Content. My content revolves around food freedom and intuitive eating. With two of my major interests being comedy and recipe developing, I call it food freedom with a comedic and tasty lens.


I’m an only child that grew up in Northern Massachusetts in a small cow town. There wasn’t much for me to do besides run and create, so I became a three-season athlete and regular in the school musicals. I went to college in Witch City (Salem, Massachusetts) where I studied Public Relations. I experimented with college radio, the newspaper, various PR internship and freelance opportunities, and student leadership. It all lead to me living in Providence, RI with my partner and some good friends from college, working with the amazing culinary scene here through my social media work and blog!

Providence, RI


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