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nancy chen

Hi, I’m Nancy, a marketing manager, freelancer, fitness instructor, and wellness blogger currently living in sunny Santa Monica.


After discovering the paleo lifestyle four years ago, I found that it helped heal my digestive issues that stemmed from struggling with an eating disorder. At the same time, I prioritized my mental health health, taking active steps to de-stress, heal, and nourish both my mind and my body.

I started my blog and Instagram then (formerly under the name ApproachingPaleo) to help people do the same.

My goal is to give you the tools to make informed and intentional choices about your life — because I truly believe your life is in your own hands. All aspects of health are important: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional; by taking the steps to maximize our happiness in each of these pillars, we maximize our happiness in our overall life.

Santa Monica, CA


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