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30 ideas to live more sustainably

whether it's plastic free july or you are just looking to live more sustainably we have outlined 30 ideas or changes you can make day to day to do just that. NOW this is not a checklist, this is an idea list, so feel free to pick and choose the ideas that work for you and begin implementing.

  1. VOTE and stay active politically this is the most important because although our personal impact is important, most of the climate damage is a result of unethical business practices by handful of large corporations lobbying our government to reduce and remove laws aimed at protecting our environment. Staying active with our state senators and politicians to ensure our voice is heard when it comes to protecting the environment.

2. Vote with your wallet probably tip with one of the largest personal impacts. Money talks, quite literally and when we as consumers put our money into small businesses and more eco friendly products, large corporations take notice. We've started to see this happen over the last few years and it's going to continue, but beware of greenwashing. Because although large corporations making more sustainable products seems like a good thing, the motive is money. So all endeavors need to be looked at from a multifaceted lens.

preventing food waste

3. regrow scrap veggies - many of the veggies we eat every day can actually be re-growned easily with the scraps.

- green onion roots can be re-grown in a cup of water

- cherry tomatoes can be cut in 1/2 and planted into a pot with soil

- romaine lettuce stumps can be planted in your backyard garden and will grow new lettuce

4. use remaining scrap veggies for stock or broth - as you make lunches and dinners through the week, save the scraps in a container in your fridge. Then on the weekend add them to a pot with 10 cups of water and 1 tbsp of salt. Boil for 20 minutes and simmer covered for 2 hours.

5. shop in bulk, when possible

6. start a composte pile

7. egg shells and coffee grounds can go in your garden

8. left over herbs can be frozen in ice cubes trays with oil

9. before fruit goes bad add to the freezer for smoothies

plant lovers

10. propagate plants instead of buying new

11. collect rain water and reuse to water lawn or outdoor garden

12. add a bucket to your shower to collect water to use for houseplants

13. start a garden

re-use & repurpose

14. thrifting

15. glass jars are your new bff

16. before buying new furniture - check for something used

17. re wear the same outfits

home lifestyle changes

18. make it from scratch when possible

19. meatless and more plant based, when possible

20. wheat-less wednesdays

21. get the right light bulb

22. switch banks - some large banks actually use your money to

23. sign up for unsolicited mail

24. say no to plastic for takeout, unless you really need it

25. switch to cold water for laundry

26. unplug things when not in use i.e. extra kitchen appliances, chargers, etc

27. re-useable water bottle

28. swap everyday items for plastic free versions

29. re-useable period products

the most important one of all

30. don't be hard on yourself - remember most of the climate damage is caused by a handful of large corporations so don't feel the pressure to make your life harder, just make the changes you can slowly.


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