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5 Minute Nightly Skin Care Routine - with Gisela from Untamed Naturals

adulting gets real and sometimes we only have 5 minutes to squeeze in our skin care. I mean we know it's important but between all the craziness it can be hard to prioritize a 1 step skincare routine. So when we got the opportunity to virtually meet up with Gisela, the owner of our shop Untamed Natural Care, we asked her what her essential skin care tips were. Meaning, if we only have 5 minutes to get the job done what are the MUST DO's to keep that skin glowing. So Gisela spilled the deets on her 5 Minute Nightly Skin Care Routine and we are never going back.

**we've chopped up the interview for this blog post - click here to watch the full video.


the prequal

this routine is designed to be completed quickly (and lovingly) within the moments right after getting out of the shower. As Gisela says it "it's all about the 3 minutes after a hot shower" when your pores are happy and ready to soak in all the skin care goodness. she insists this time is the best time to complete your skin care routine to get the most benefits from your products.

step 1: cleanse

the most important step is to make sure you are washing off the day from your face. Whether you wear makeup or not, it's important for healthy skin to go to sleep with a fresh face.

Gisela's tip for a GOOD Face Wash

Nothing "oil free" or nothing that strips your face of all it's natural oils. You want a face wash that's rich and creamy, but doesn't leave your face dry OR overly oily.

When creating Fresh Face Foaming Wash she wanted to use a lightweight oil, like grapeseed oil. Mixed with coconut milk for the luscious factor and rose oil. Gisela says is ""


Castile Soap, Vegetable Glycerin, Sweet Almond Oil, Witch Hazel, Rosemary and Peppermint Essential Oils

step 2: tone

Once our face is freshly washed it's time to tone. When selecting a toner, Gisela recommends choosing something with not too high of an alcohol content, that will strip your face, and something with all natural ingredients of course. Use a cotton ball or even just your fingers to apply it gently to your face.

We used Gisela's Tone It Up! Toner from her business and not only does it smell better than any other toner I've personally used. It feels gentle and cooling on my face.

May help with redness, puffiness and scars while Witch Hazel is a natural astringent and helps with oily skin and acne.

Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Calendula, Lavender and Essential Oils

step 3: eye-solate

Now that the toner is done, we switch to a little spot treatment and the area I am personally most concerned with, the skin under my eyes.

Gisela's TIP for picking an under eye product! find something with a metal roller. It's cooling when you apply the product AND allows you to use every last drop of your investment - nothing goes to waste.

Things we LOVE about Untamed Natural's Caffeine Eye Elixir is...

*the caffeine promotes good circulation in this area

*it comes in a glass bottle, no plastic here

*metal roller application for zero waste and a nice cooling application.

Ingredients: Moringa Oil, Rosehip Oil, Coffee Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil

step 4: hydrate

now that we have cleaned and toned, it's time to add some moisture back into your skin.

things to remember when choose an oil for your face

choose a lightweight oil like grapeseed or chia. Coconut oil although natural, can clog your pores, so typically this a type of oil you would want to stay away from for your face.

The Rose Face Serum we used is soo light weight and moisturizes gently. As someone who tends to have oily skin I usually stay away from oils but the Untamed Face Serum is lightweight and doesn't leave my skin feeling like it has a coating, it just feels hydrated and glowy.

Ingredients: Argan Oi, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E, Rose Essential Oil

step 5: moisturize

**** NOW if you have oily skin like me, you can stop at step 4 unless you are feeling like your face needs a little extra love.

some skin types need a little extra moisture. So after you apply oil, using a little extra moisturizer is beneficial.

we say go for something lightweight, that is going to make your pores happy, no clogging here.

texture wise I am personally obsessed with Glow Facial Moisturizer when I opened the jar it looked like it would be a think moisturizer but to my surprise when I glided my finger across it was more of a gel like texture. Extremely light weight and almost cooling when I applied it to my skin. It was a bit thicker feeling than the serum but still very light, and added an extra glowy-ness to my skin, no highlighter needed.

BONUS! sunscreen is your new best friend.

Gisela and most skin care experts don't discount the need for SPF on the daily. Protecting our skin from the damage of the sun is one of the most important skin care tips there is.

Important Reminder!

Gisela told us "listen to your skin" and we could not agree more! So we believe it's important to note that this routine may not work for you. We did a good job to try and keep this routine to the essentials, but again, everyone is different and your skin is going to tell you if it's OK.

some signs to look out for...

skin is excessively red and/or irritated

your skin starts breaking out (more than usual)

you get a rash of some sort

**if you feel that something is wrong or have any additional questions about your skin we recommend that you consult with your doctor. NW Bulk Market and Untamed Natural Care are not making any medical claims.



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