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Blueberry Chia CBD Jam

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Berry picking is HUGE in the Pacific Northwest during the summertime. So of course when my family and I went blueberry picking, things got a little out of control and we ended up with 8 lbs of blueberries. My boys love blueberries but even they couldn't slam through those before they go bad - - so I was looking for anything and everything to do with my surplus of bluebs.

This jam is so EASY to make and only requires 4 ingredients - - I added in some CBD for a little something extra. I love taking CBD to help with just the general stress of being an adult.

by: Nicole Cappetta



1 cup fresh blueberries

2 tbsp maple syrup

1 tbsp chia seeds

(adjust dose per personal preference)


add all ingredients into a medium saucepan

bring to a boil on medium high heat

let boil for 10 minutes

let cool for 20 minutes

add to toast

make a chill a** PB&J sandwich

or make these delicious peanut butter cups to the right.

**recipe can easily be modified with any other type of berry. CBD can be removed from recipe without affecting the recipe.



Hi! I am Nicole, a married mama of two boys living in the Pacific Northwest.

I believe eating healthy should be easy, so I ditched the diet buzz words and just try and eat meals with as much real food as possible.

I started my social media food blog @lettuceturniptheeats almost three years ago, and after promoting health and wellness brands on there I decided to open NW Bulk Market.



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