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hot girl summer bucket list

the sun is out and hot girl (babe) summer is here. 2020 was a hell of a year, as you know, so we've got to make this summer count! So we saw a bunch of amazing peeps on the internet creating a bucket list and we thought we'd jump on board. NWB Market hot babe summer bucket list coming atcha of all the fun things that are on our must do list this season.

get outside everyday

nothing makes me feel better than being in the sun, especially for me (Nicole here at the NWB HQ) who is working from home with two boys. so getting outside everyday is a #1 bucket list goal.

some of my favorite ways to spend time outdoors:

walk to clear my head

taking my laptop outside to work

stretching under a tree

going for a bike ride

or a full on sprinkler water party.

walking around in my backyard barefoot


I am absolutely obsessed with picking my own fruits, veggies and flowers. It's most likely that connection back to nature, seeing where my food comes from. Even having to work for it, makes it all the more delicious. U-Pick Farms are a super fun way day outdoors + you can typically get some lower price produce.

in the pacific northwest, summertime is all about the berries. starting in spring time you have strawberries and then fades into blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and the local marionberries.

head to a new city

if exploring a new city was a job, I'd be packing up NWB Market and heading out on the road but since I won't be making traveling my 9-5, I can still get away for the summer even if it's just for a few days.

more picnics please

if the heat isn't too killer for you, find a spot in the shade, lay down a blanket and enjoy some food outside. bring all your besties, your boo or just yourself.

some of our must haves on a picnic are...

- charcuterie snack board loaded up with all the fruits and crackers, some honey and nut butters for dipping. meats and cheeses, if that is your thing.

- extra pillows

- dress comfortably for the weather - it's important that you stay cool, no matter your body type of gender. wear what makes you happy.

- bring a cake and some wine glasses, trust us. click here to see why

- good vibes only. getting those IG pics in can be important to some people (hello to me) but get all that out of the way in the beginning and then put the phone down and enjoy,

wear whatever we want

we could write some long list of reasons of why you deserve to wear whatever you want, but we don't need to. you are a person who deserves to be happy and comfortable, wear whatever you damn well please this summer, and every season.

eat as many plants as we can

cook outside

plan an adventure

unplug more

did we miss anything? include in the comments

**as always make sure you are being safe this season. the current pandemic is still going on and it's important that you and the community you belong to remain healthy.


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