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smoked salmon bagel pasta salad

yes I know that is a mouth full. what exactly do we mean when we say smoked salmon bagel pasta salad - - well we mean a pasta salad, that has all the flavors and fixings of the quintessential (and arguably one of the best breakfasts) an everything bagel with smoked salmon, capers, red onion, tomato...ugh ok now I am hungry.

now here's a whole life story about how this recipe is personal to me...just kidding, it's delicious and a switch up from normal pasta salad.

ok let's get to business and make this pasta salad...


1lb pasta (or upgrade to cheese tortellini)

cold smoked salmon, lox or nova

1/2 cucumber

crumbled goat cheese

1/4 cup capers

fresh dill

salt + pepper (to taste)

vinaigrette dressing (we used our red wine vinaigrette recipe)



the only cooking in this recipe is boiling the pasta. the rest the recipe is just chopping and mixing :)

  1. boil pasta and set aside until cool

  2. chop smoked salmon into pieces

  3. chop cucumber into quarters

  4. chop dill

  5. mix everything together

  6. enjoy or store in the fridge and eat for next 3-4 days


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