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Smokey Mac & "Cheese"

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

let's be real, whether you are 6 or 30 sometimes you just don't want to eat veggies and you just want to a bowl of mac and cheese. this vegan and nut-free smokey mac and cheese is dairy free and made of almost all veggies but the flavor is so perfect, that you won't even be able to tell.

by: Nicole Cappetta



6 small carrots (2 large ones)

1/4 cup coconut milk

1/2 cup vegetable stock

pasta of choice

cayenne pepper


boil pasta per the pasta instructions Boil 6 small carrots for 40 min or until very soft

in the food processor or blender add... boiled carrots 1/4 cup coconut milk 1/2 cup nutritional yeast blend until creamy and dreamy

in a skillet cook some minced garlic in avocado oil when sizzling add in carrot mixture add 1/2 cup vegetable stock stir and cook on medium low season to taste with salt + black pepper + garlic powder + smoked paprika and a dash of cayenne powder. DONT BE SCARED the sauce is basically all carrots, make it taste GOOD ! stir in cooked pasta and SHOVE IT IN YOUR FACE ! .



Hi! I am Nicole, a married mama of two boys living in the Pacific Northwest.

I believe eating healthy should be easy, so I ditched the diet buzz words and just try and eat meals with as much real food as possible.

I started my social media food blog @lettuceturniptheeats almost three years ago, and after promoting health and wellness brands on there I decided to open NW Bulk Market.


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