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sweet potato pie latte

As soon as even the idea of fall hits, even before a chill is in the air, we (and by we, I mean me) start moving away from hot babe summer and begin dreaming of the true star of the autumn season: pumpkin spice.

I know I am 100% guilty of sipping on my PSL (pumpkin spice latte), early September trying to pretend I am not sweating my cute butt off in my scarf and boots. So like any sane person, by the time it's actually pumpkin spice season, I need some space from this flavor. Dare I say that out loud! So here I am, moving into cozy babe autumn and pumpkin and I are on a break.

So to combat my very short [beverage] attention span, I have developed the bestie to the Pumpkin Spice Latte: the Sweet Potato Latte. I know what you are thinking

"wow...big leap there..." and you are correct, both these drinks are very similar. HOWEVER, after weeks of the sweetness of pumpkin, the sweet potato bring it down a notch. It feels like some kind of mixture of thanksgiving sweet potato casserole and it's best friend pumpkin.

sweet potato cold foam

get ready to skip the coffee shop drive through and actually LIKE making your latte at home.

blend the following items until THICK:

1/4 cup heavy cream

1 tbsp sweet potato puree

1 tsp fall spice blend, available in our Pantry

1 tbsp maple syrup (BONUS! use Blue Sage Honey Cinnamon Honey)

pour on top of...

coldbrew coffee

iced coffee

chai latte

matcha latte

mushroom "coffee"

PRO TIP! if you aren't sold on this but want to give it a try, just grab one jar of Sweet Potato baby food. It's less expensive and the same thing!


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