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The Hustler's Guide to Healthy Cooking (30 Minutes, 10 Ingredients) EBook

Our Creator Jazz Leaf of @recipes4health just published a Recipe Ebook. It Includes 35 non-processed, simple to follow recipes using real food.

by: Jazz Leaf


All recipes are egg-free, soy-free and gluten-free. Most recipes are dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian and/or nut-free. However, all recipes can be customized to fit your dietary preference. All recipes can be made in 30 minutes or less, with 10 ingredients. No superfoods needed, just your kitchen staples. Includes a grocery shopping list with everything needed to make all 35 of the recipes in this eCookbook.


Jazz gave us the opportunity to try out a few recipes from her Ebook and we couldn't be more excited. You know we LOVE a good recipe that's both delicious and easy to make. Here is a little glimpse at what we made from her amazing Recipe Ebook.

Spiced Apple Cauliflower Oats
Spiced Apple Cauliflower Oats

Spiced Apple Cauliflower Oats

OK OK ! I am totally into this idea. I like oatmeal but I don't make it a lot because it usually leaves me feeling too full. I love the idea of adding the cauliflower because it keeps it dense but is more nutrient dense.

Spiced up the apples with our Fall Spice Blend. I then added our bee pollen and pumpkin seeds from our Pantry and it was the PERFECT winter breakfast.


Mexican Black Beans Tostadas

So these were right up my alley. Barely any cooking and crazy amazing. These are perfect for lunch or dinner and totally recommend adding to your weekly rotation.

We used our Dry Black Beans and Chipotle Powder from the NW Bulk Pantry to accomplish this recipe from the Ebook.



I’m Jazz Leaf! I am just another yoga loving, outdoorsy girl wanting to spend every waking moment in the sunshine.

I am a private chef to a few NBA players in Indianapolis. I also share plant based recipes on my blog and instagram @recipe4health . My goal is to bring you an “anti-diet” perspective to health eating.



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