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what does wellness really mean

for us, the wellness industry is a confusing and messy place. it seems to only care about size, calories, numbers, percentage of this or that and of course money. taking any chance to capitalize on an insecurity of yours in order to make a profit.

​but to US at NWB Market, being well and feeling good, is so much more than that. we believe being well is a unique and complex formula that requires physical, emotional, and mental care. and this formula is constantly adjusted as life shifts.

what we believe wellness really means...

​1. it's personal

what works for someone else, may not work for you and that's not only OK but it's perfectly normal. we believe that being well

2. it's confusing

"BIG WELLNESS" (as we like to call them) likes to trick us into thinking being well is some very complicated template of expensive products, classes, workouts, and practices we all must subscribe to. And of course every wellness "expert" is prescribing a different template with contradicting rules to follow. but one thing is consistent: we must all follow it religiously.

we whole-heartily do not agree with any of that.

we believe figuring out what YOU need to feel good, can be confusing and possibly require a bit of trial an error, but it's certainly not some all consuming template. we say start with stuff you LIKE, make things from scratch (when you can) and really listening to how you feel, what you think, etc.

...which brings us to #3

3. it's tuning in

understanding what YOU need is a practice, and just like anything it requires effort. tuning into your physical and emotional well being may not be something you are used to doing.

"going with your gut"

"trusting your instincts"

"listening to your body"

"checking in on how you feel"

whatever you like to call it...

it's important and really radiates into all facets of your wellness. starting with something as simple as did that food make me feel good (and good can physically or emotionally) to checking in with your emotional well being after a night out, as an example.

life gets busy and sometimes the day gets away with you and checking in on everything just doesn't happen. first off, that is totally OK. something that can be helpful is journaling at the end of the day, even if it's just a few quick thoughts. This way you can look back and be able to see any patterns or circumstances where something didn't really serve you, or vice versa. You may notice a trend like feeling more rested with an extra 30 minutes of sleep.

now obviously tuning into how you feel isn't going to tell you all the details. so if something just doesn't feel right and you can figure it out, seek professional medical help. kale in your smoothies and meditation are good, but some things are more serious and require additional assistance.

now it's your turn...

we want to know what wellness means to you.

tell us in the comments.



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