Chapstick Sample Pack - by Moonflower Organics

Chapstick Sample Pack - by Moonflower Organics


Ingredients: Organic Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Various Essential Oil


Grab one of each of Moonflower Organics Natural Chapsticks 


    Moonflower Organics is a Seattle based company that makes all natural, essential oil infused chapsticks that smell amazing and hydrate even the driest lips!



    LAVENDER MINT - Our must have! This wonderful lavender mint chapstick will nourish and hydrate those chapped lips during the winter months and keep them soft and smooth during the warmer months! Say goodbye to dry lips and hello to hydrated and soft lips!

    VANILLA MINT - This vanilla mint chapstick is a delicious blend of sweet vanilla and soothing peppermint. Known for promoting relaxation, Vanilla Essential Oil will help you feel warm, calm and happy!

    CHERRY BLOSSOM - It's that time of year! Who doesn't love staring at the beautiful cherry blossom trees while they are in bloom? In Seattle, we're lucky enough to have cherry blossom trees all around our city! With this perfectly scented Cherry Blossom Chapstick, you can carry the scent of cherry blossoms year round! Not only do cherry blossoms have a wonderful aroma, they also known for having soothing elements, such as fatty acids, which can help repair the skins natural barriers to promote a smooth skin!

    JASMINE - Jasmine has become renown for its sweet, floral fragrance, which has become a popular ingredient in the world’s best selling perfumes. Jasmine Essential Oil is commonly used to reduce symptoms of depression, but it is best known as an aphrodisiac. Also known to have properties that sooth dry skin and boost your immune system, the fresh smell of jasmine will hydrate even the driest of lips!

    WHITE TEA - White tea is a fragrant, floral scent that will make you wish you were drinking a hot cup of real white tea! This is a nourishing chapstick made of organic oils and butters will leave your lips feeling hydrated and oh so soft! Your lips will thank you for applying this sweet blend of White Tea!

    UNSCENTED - A hydrating chapstick without any essential oils. It smells lightly of one of its ingredients, coconut oil. This unscented chapstick is made of organic butters and oils that are both hydrating and nourishing for your skin and lips!

    ROSE YLANG YLANG - This sweet blend of Rose and Ylang Ylang essential oils is as healthy for your lips as it is delicious to smell! This unique blend of Rose and Ylang Ylang essential oils combines the healthy elements of Rose with the mood enhancing, sweet smell of Ylang Ylang.

    LEMON YLANG YLANG - This unique mix of lemon and ylang ylang will leave your lips and nose wanting more! We are all familiar with the crisp and refreshing scent of lemon, but you may be unfamiliar with Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. Ylang Ylang is a scented tree common in South Asia, also referred to as the 'perfume tree.' The mix of these two refreshing scents is truly refreshing!


    Supporting small business can be a more sustainable choice then big box retailers for a number of reasons.  Rather then only focusing on maximizing profits, small businesses often allow ethical and personal beliefs to drive their business decisions.  Small businesses that make handcrafted products tend to use smaller appliances to manufactor which is better for the environment as well.  

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