Red Sunflower Salad Dressing - Farmhouse Lab

Red Sunflower Salad Dressing - Farmhouse Lab

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Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, organic apple cider vinegar, organic white wine vinegar, organic olive oil, organic maple syrup, celtic sea salt, organic paprika, organic chili flakes. 

8oz jar


Pairs well with Latin American or Caribbean inspired salads, BBQ, tacos, grain bowls, fresh vegetables, and seafood.


    Farmhouse Lab is a brand for joyful, sustainable plant-based eating that encourages to make food more often at home again and to share it in community. With that, we want to help cultivating the plant-based revolution for the greater good.




    Red Sunflower Real Food Dressing features a 100% organic sunflower seed oil and spices from Starwest Botanicals, which is based out of Sacramento, California. They started in 1975 have been directly sourcing their products from around the world to process them in-house.


    Farmhouse Lab Real Food Dressings are packaged in glass bottles with metal tops, which is great because glass is more sustainable that single use plastic bottles and tops.  

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