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jazz leaf

Indianapolis, Indiana
during the basketball season
and St. Pete Beach, Florida during the off-season

Hi friends! I am just another yoga loving, outdoorsy girl wanting to spend every waking moment in the
sunshine. Right out of college, I jumped into corporate America and worked 45-50 hours a
week as a technical project manager. I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do forever but I used
that time to get my online nutritional therapist certification & build up my savings. 5 years
later, I quit my corporate America job and decided to go full force in the health and fitness
industry. I now am a personal chef to a few NBA athletes during the basketball season, teach
cooking classes around the community, am a indoor cycle instructor and have my very first
cookbook eBook on the way! For the first time ever, I wake up excited for the day. I want
people to remember that if they want something, it’s never to late to go after that dream,
it’s never too late to change your career path. We only live once, making that one time count
and live to the absolute fullest where our hearts and souls are fulfilled is the ultimate goal.


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