handmade deodorant made with effective, pure ingredients that is free of plastic and aluminum.

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Owner  Alyssa Young
Location Los Angeles, CA

Why did you start your business?


I’ve had a passion for the environment since I was little, and I knew one day my career would lead in that direction. I have ample experience making my own personal care products, so it felt natural to combine the two passions. In my daily routine, most of the products I was using came in plastic and it didn’t feel right using them for only a few weeks knowing the containers would take hundreds of years to break down. I knew there had to be a more sustainable solution. I began researching plastic-free alternatives and couldn’t find many options available. From there, Simple Sea was born!

Do you have any goals or plans for you business in the next 5 years?

My plan is to continue growing Simple Sea by expanding into other products with the eventual goal of building the brand into an online marketplace of plastic-free and natural products. I’d love for Simple Sea to become the place people go to for all of their low-waste personal care needs!

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