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erika ritchie

Gilbert, AZ

I’m Erika from sunny AZ! I love to be in the kitchen creating and photographing new recipes. I have learned so much more about food since starting my blog. I’ve also met some amazing people who I will forever be grateful for.

My recipes are typically lower in calories, while also being family friendly and not too complicated. From personal experience, I know it’s possible to eat well while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

A few fun facts about me: I have four children, so I know how picky young palates can be, and for that reason many of the recipes I share are great for all ages. I like running, and have run several half marathons and 5k’s in the past few years. I also graduated with a degree in Food & Nutrition Management and Health Innovation.

I believe that we can enjoy life by eating the foods we love without depriving ourselves too much.


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