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when it comes to cooking healthy recipes, spices are key to making food both GOOD and GOOD FOR YOU. 

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just start with the basics: salt + pepper

then build from there!


We like to keep it fresh in the kitchen,  so we thought it would be fun to share our

THREE FAVORITE spices we are currently using in all of our favorite dishes.  


This powerful antioxidant is great for spicing up dishes or just use a dash in your smoothies to still get the many benefits.


Although typically used in sweet dishes and desserts, cinnamon can also be a great addition as a spice rub to meats or curries and stews.

Nutritional Yeast

This deactivated yeast is not technically a spice, but is most famously known for giving dairy free sauces a "cheesy" flavor.



NW Bulk Market seeks out the coolest recipe creators social media has to offer to publish a collection of clean RECIPES for all diets and cooking skills.

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