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this boss babe started Healthy On You.
A California based business that makes organic gourmet spice and salt Blends that are all are handmade, USDA Organic, gluten, and GMO-free.


Browse and get to know The Shops handcrafting all the Food & Drinks made with all real ingredients,  in our online farmer's market.  

We at NW BULK MARKET promote the makers, our fellow hustlers working hard to achieve their dreams; who despite being "the little guy" never sacrifice quality.  From side hustle to full time, our GOAL as a small business ourselves is to provide an avenue for these dedicated creators to showcase their amazing handmade products.
just know that each and every click, read, share, etc not only supports but promotes small businesses all over the United States. 
We couldn't be more thankful for you being here.  we appreciate you.



We've collaborated with high quality CBD companies to showcase a collection of CBD infused tinctures, bath products, and more made by small businesses across the U.S. and third party tested.  

NW Bulk Market is changing the way small businesses get into the grocery stores and health food retail spaces. 

Similar to a farmer's market, we set up each business with their own space or SHOP to showcase their business and products.  

and we don't just stop there.  

We continue to promote and market their brand and

handcrafted products, as if they

were our own.



REAL INGREDIENTS are not exclusive to food and drinks.  Our collection of handcrafted beauty, skin care, and household products are required to be made with natural, non toxic ingredients.