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One of the first hurdles a new mom faces is maintaining milk supply.  Our high-performing lactation cookies were created to be a hug in the form of a cookie. 

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Owner  Erin Erenberg
Location Hilton Head, SC

Why did you start your business?


When I gave birth to our first child, I was shocked at how few resources there were for me as a woman facing the most overwhelming transition of my life.  The first product I created on my own to solve a problem was a lactation cookie that actually tasted good and satisfied my craving for an old-fashioned cookie, the kind my grandma would make.  I gave the cookies as gifts to friends, neighbors and colleagues who’d had new babies, and they were universally beloved.  I’m thrilled that we can offer them to women at scale now.

Do you have any goals or plans for you business in the next 5 years?

We plan to offer women more resources to help them feel whole as they journey into and through motherhood, especially in that tender first year postpartum. 

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