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Shopping in bulk is one of the most sustainable ways to buy food and essentials.  We understand that shopping in bulk is not accessible for everyone.  This is why our Bulk Pantry is stocked with all your everyday essentials, shipped plastic free, right to YOU.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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Without beating yourself up or turning your entire life upside down.  We have come up with three simple ways to reduce waste or possibly eliminate it from your life, without costing you a ton of $$$


This one is easy: use up everything you already have first. Starting your journey of minimizing waste should not start with buying a bunch of things. Do an inventory of what you have and use it up first; and yes, I mean that body wash you won at last year's office holiday party too!


Before throwing something out you believe is trash, consider if there is a way you can re purpose first. Plastic is not ideal, but you can minimize waste by reusing thick plastic containers as tupperware instead of buying new. Old clothes can become dish rags, and so on and so forth


When it is time to buying something new - start putting some thought into your purchases. Doing your research to find companies that support sustainability or bulk shopping for items to save the packaging are all easy ways to minimize waste. Like maybe just cut the cantaloupe, instead of buying pre -sliced.

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