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Hey there! I'm Nikki Vergakes, a social media manager and coach. My whole life I have been chasing community both on and off the screen. I began with AOL chatrooms and HTML-heavy blogs in my childhood, and have turned this interest into a passion-driven business that gives entrepreneurs the confidence with social media to grow their following organically and effectively.

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If you’re a small business with a social media presence, half of the work is engaging with your ideal buyers, so your audience is ready to buy your product when you launch it. My 30 minutes a day to 10x Engagement guide provides actionable & simple engagement tips to grow your small business’s presence on Instagram.

Download it to start making real, genuine connections!

NW Bulk Market collaborated with Cultivated Content to create a series of videos to help your small business

SEO Website Audit

Is your website reaching the right audience? Is your website getting found on Google? Fix up your SEO ranking with this audit. I will analyze your site copy and keywords, suggest stronger ones and new copy to go along with it. 

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Curated Hashtag Vault

Hashtags are uber important for exposure, especially if you have customers nationwide or even globally. This is how you posts gets seen by the right people. This vault includes 100 hashtags relevant to your business and audience. They will be in different categories: industry, local, niche, big reach, etc.

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Blog Writing

Blogs are vital for telling your story and posing yourself as an expert in your industry. They are hard to keep up with, however! Leave it to a professional to translating your story to your audience effectively and optimize it with SEO, pictures and backlinks.

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Social Media Strategy Confidence Session

Have a specific problem you need to work through?

Not ready for full coaching but need some pointers to get you in the right direction? Book this call to get you on the right track. 

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Social Media


In order to get consistent business from social media, your business needs a strong and consistent presence on social media. My full-service social media management package ensures that your business will have a consistent visual brand that speaks to your ideal client, posts high-quality content multiple times a week in your feed and on stories that speaks to your ideal buyer and presents you as an expert in your industry. I also handle the engagement for you, so you are building strong connections with your ideal buyers daily, and so your audience is warm once you launch a new product. We analyze our tactics to keep improving monthly with analytics, a call to review them and tight communication.


8-Week, 1:1 Coaching

Are you a female entrepreneur who is tired of throwing content out on social media, hoping it sticks, and not making any sales from it? This 8-week 1:1 program will give you the tools, accountability, and transformation your business needs to get off the ground on social media and have a profitable presence that consistently converts so you can finally make the money you dream of.

check out our site!
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Owner  Nikki Verigakes
Location Providence, RI

Why did you start your business?


I created Cultivated Content because I saw too many small businesses not investing in themselves and their digital presence - and it showing. But I know that often small and female-owned business do not have the resources to invest in themselves, and they’re not taught the importance of it. I want to help female entrepreneurs stop settling and build their empires they always have dreamed of, deep down. I scaled my services to include coaching so that the barrier of entry to having a successful social media presence is lessened. I am on a mission to empower female entrepreneurs and small business owners to be confident with social media, so they can grow their business and social media presence. 

Do you have any goals or plans for you business in the next 5 years?

Over the next five years, I will keep building out both my management and coaching sides of business. I would like to start outsourcing social media management, and focus more on coaching: launching courses, masterminds, group programs, etc.

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