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eda graham

Hi friends!  I am a holistic personal trainer and wellness enthusiast in sunny SoCal, where I was born and raised.  I got started on my holistic health journey out of necessity as I have had a history of health problems both mental and physical. So, I had to learn to eat and cook differently than how I was formally raised. I love creating healthy recipes that are FAST and EASY. Since blogging and social media is not my full-time gig and I have other jobs outside of my passion project, I need healthy food that can be taken on the go and can be easily prepped for delicious meals during the week. And I don’t like to use a slew of expensive ingredients or an entire jar of $16 nut butter either. In essence, I make Healthy, Easy, Affordable and most importantly downright Delicious dishes for an aspiring home cook or soon-to-be graduate student (aka me!).

Ojai, CA



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