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5 New Years Resolutions (that have nothing to do with your body size)

With 2019 quickly coming to an end, you can really feel the pressure for a New Year/New You mentality. Resolutions can be great things, but just remember they can involve things other than making your body smaller, despite what the diet industry has to say. So we here at NW Bulk Market have created a list of 5 New Years Resolutions that have nothing to do with your body size.


#1 GET OUT of Your Comfort Zone

Instead of trying to change yourself this year, why not spend 2020 trying something new. Between work and trying to be a functional adult things can get a little stale - - so a good resolution idea would be to try and do something that gets you out of your comfort zone. Maybe plan that trip, give that hobby you've wanted to try a go, or tell someone close to you how you really feel.


Two friends eating salad together

#2 Be Present

2020 is the year of seeing things clearly. So as we roll into this new decade it may be nice to try and stop viewing the world through your cell phone camera and try to be present in the moment.

Now before you throw your phone in the garbage this isn't an all or nothing type of resolution, it's more about making a conscious effort to enjoy the moment you are in vs stressing about that meeting tomorrow, trolling that dude on instagram, or ...well you get it.


#3 New Year, NO New Plastic

One thing 2020 can use your help to ditch, would be the single use plastics. Water bottles, plastic bags, single serve anything gotta go this decade, and we don't mean in the trash.

Now trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle doesn't have to be this really complicated decision. Just start by being more conscious of plastic when you are shopping, it's eye opening how many things are unnecessarily wrapped in plastic when it doesn't really need to be. The more you are aware the better decisions you'll make.

Here are a few tips to make ditching plastic, a little easier.

1. Switch from bottle soap to bar soap - both in the shower and with your dishes. This change can minimize at least 10 plastic bottles a year which may sound small, but is a great first step and takes virtually no additional effort.

2. No more produce bags - stop using those little plastic bags at the grocery store. Your oranges, avocados and potatoes don't need a temporary plastic bag for the short trip from the store to your house.

3. Get a reuse-able water bottle you love - especially if you are on the road a bunch. This will prevent you from buying unnecessary drink bottles and coffee cups, at least most of the time.

and remember we don't need a few people living a perfect plastic free lifestyle, we need everyone making a conscious effort. Start your journey out when a few changes you think are possible and overtime work up to more changes.


#4 Trust YOUR Instincts

No one knows you better well then YOU. So as you encounter new people, new experiences and new opportunities don't forget to tune in to that gut before engaging.

It sounds simple enough but it takes practice trust your instincts - the difference between knowing when to throw those fears aside vs. truly listening can be tricky.


#5 Spread Kindness

This one is self explanatory! Kindness is the new black in 2020 and it's all the rage. We all need to do our part to be more understanding with the people around us and be kind regardless of whether it's reciprocated or not.

At the end of the day, remember that resolutions are just that, goals that you are working towards. Just because some shiny ball dropped from the sky the night before doesn't make you a whole new person, because that would be weird. So no matter what your resolutions are, cut yourself some slack when it comes to the timeline of achieving them.



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